Book - Ladies Night Classics at Mr Miyagi's Dubai [Media One Hotel]
Book Lady's & Boys Night at Mr Miyagi's Dubai [Media One Hotel]
Book - Ladies Night at The Scene (Dubai)
Book - Word Of Mouth Comedy Club at Phileas Fogg's
Book - Express Lunch - at The Scene Dubai
Book - Retrotastic - at Phileas Fogg's
Book - Chicks & Salsa at El Chpos Tacos
Book - Electric Heels - Wednesdays at OPM Room [JBR]
Book - General Knowledge Quiz at Phileas Foggs
Book - RE:CHARGE - Sundays at OPM Room [JBR]
The Big Family Brunch at The Scene [Dubai]
Book - The Big Family BBQ at The Arena by Phileas Foggs
Book - Dosage - Fridays at OPM Room [JBR]
Book - Tack Tuesday at El Chapos Tacos - Studio One Hotel
Book - Illusion - Tuesdays at OPM Room [JBR]
Book - 'Wine Not?' at The Scene Dubai every Wednesday
Book - Levitate - Thursdays at OPM Room [JBR]
Book - Mr Miyagis Wok N' Roll Brunch [Saturday at Media One Hotel]
Book - Mr Miyagis Wax On Wax Off Brunch [Friday at Media One Hotel]