Festiball at Phileas Fogg’s – Tue-13-Dec (Semi Final’s)


Phileas Foggs

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Festiball at Phileas Fogg’s – Tue-13-Dec (Semi Final’s)
Location : The Arena by Phileas Foggs (Dubai)


Semi-Final’s 11:00 PM



VVIP Table –  (8-10 People) Table Price 25,000AED (Full Payment Required)**
VIP  Table –  (8-10 People) Table Price 4,000 AED (Table Deposit – 1000AED)
Cocktail Table – (4-6 People) Table Price  1,500 AED (Table Deposit – 500AED)
Arena Barrel – (4 People) Barrel Price 1,000 AED (Barrel Deposit – 250AED)
Standing – (Per Person) Price FREE AED (Deposit – 0.00AED)

FOGGS (Inside Pub)
Private VIP Lounge (8-10 People) Table Price 5,000AED (Table Deposit – 1000AED)
Dining Table – (6 People) Table Price 3,000AED (Table Deposit – 750AED)
Cocktail Table – (4People) Table Price 1,000AED (Table Deposit –400AED)

FOGGS (Terrace)
VIP Booth 1 – (10People) Table Price 10,000AED (Table Deposit –1500AED)
VIP Booth 2 – (15 People) Table Price 15,000AED (Table Deposit –2000AED)
Bench Table – (10People) Table Price 5,000AED (Table Deposit –1000AED)
Dining Table – (6 People) Table Price 3,000AED (Table Deposit –750AED)
Dining Table – (4People) Table Price 2,000AED (Table Deposit –500AED)
Cocktail Table – (4People) Table Price 1,500AED (Table Deposit –450AED)

VIP (Cleavers Terrace)
Cocktail Table – (4-6 People) Table Price 1750 (Table Deposit  750AED)


Be part of the ultimate fan experience over the World Cup 2022 set across four venues in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Festiball is where sport becomes an experience, powered by the globally renowned Candypants. We’ll be delivering festival energy across 28 days from Sunday 20th November to Sunday 18th December and match it with unrivalled game day experiences with presenters, DJs, entertainment, food and drink.

The four venues will be broken down into multiple zones across Dubai and Abu Dhabi, catering for all ages and audiences, zones will include a crazy fan zone to a chilled family friendly viewing area, Festiball has everyone covered.

Address: Montgomerie Golf Academy, Al Thanayah Fourth – 10 7th St – Emirates Hills – Dubai

For additional information regarding Phileas Fogg’ please call: –  04 572 4477

Terms & Conditions

All prices are in UAE Dirhams and inclusive of 7% Dubai Municipality Fees, 10% Service Charge and 5% VAT.
The deposit is redeemable against food and beverages items only.
Your reservation is only valid for the day and time specified on the booking invoice.
We don’t accept any cancellations or modifications in the case of a no-show, the total price of the minimum spend will be charged.

  • Tables are held for 30 minutes.
  • Deposit



Semi-Final's 11:00 PM


VVIP Table (8-10 PAX) Full Payment – 25000AED, Arena VIP Bench (8-10 Pax) Deposit – 1000AED, Arena Cocktail Table (4-6 Pax) Deposit – 500AED, Arena Barrel – Table (4 Pax) Deposit – 250AED, Arena Standing (1 Pax) Deposit – 0.00AED, Foggs Inside Private VIP Lounge (8-10 Pax) Deposit – 1000AED, Foggs Inside Dining Table (6 Pax) Deposit – 750AED, Foggs Inside Cocktail Table (4 Pax) Deposit – 400AED, Foggs Terrace VIP Booth 1 (10 Pax) Deposit – 1500AED, Foggs Terrace VIP Booth 2 (15 Pax) Deposit – 2000AED, Foggs Terrace Bench Table (10 Pax) Deposit – 1000AED, Foggs Terrace Dining Table (6 Pax) Deposit – 750AED, Foggs Terrace Dining Table (4 Pax) Deposit – 500AED, Foggs Terrace Cocktail Table (4 Pax) Deposit – 400AED, VIP Cleavers Terrace Cocktail Table (4-6 Pax) Deposit – 750AED